5 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Tips (Step by Step)

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Eye makeup can be a challenge to get right, and everyone has had a disaster or two at some point in their lives. This often occurs as you’re getting ready for a big night and you realize you don’t really have the skills or knowledge to replicate that glossy magazine style you saw. So, in order to up your game, we’ve pulled together some professional tips on how to get celebrity-style eye makeup results every time you try. Behold, 5 gorgeous eye makeup tips, with step by step instructions to look fab!


These days, we find ourselves in the midst of deodorants that last for 48 hours, foundations that lasts for 24, and primers that help to keep everything in place, so your eye makeup won’t slide off your face during a heatwave. We know so many products have more staying power than ever before, so why shouldn’t your eyes be given the same treatment? They are, after all, the focal point of your face! If you’re going to spend time making them gorgeous with our 5 gorgeous eye makeup tips, then you need to know they’re going to stay that way until bedtime. We want a quality base that keeps our makeup on until we attack our face with makeup remover when we get home.

  • Base or primer for your lids is a lifesaver for holding on to that style you spent so long perfecting in the bathroom mirror.
  • A base/primer can be applied to your lids to correct any discoloration and give the area a clean starting point for what’s coming next.
  • A good base will help powder shadows to stay longer, and they provide a sticky surface for color to cling to.
  • Primers will stop the oils in the products you use from breaking down and fading over time.
  • Your personal preference will depend on the shadows you’re using and what they’re made of.


Brow trends come and go, but regardless of what type you have, keeping them neat and tidy helps to frame your face and show off your eyes. Those are really essential starting points for us to build on with our 5 gorgeous eye makeup tips. The current trend for ‘Instagram brows’ isn’t a look that suits everyone and takes a lot of skill to pull off successfully.  The first step to great brows is to ensure they’re neatly trimmed and shaped. You can visit a salon, or simply learn how to do it yourself. There are tons of brow tutorials on the Internet, which explain the basics of the shapes you might want, but much of this depends on what you have to build on. A good pair of tweezers is essential for maintaining your brows and is the first step to a fabulous face. 

Once you deal with the shape and have them how you want them, you can build on this. There are a million products designed to assist you, and this comes down to personal preference. 

  • It’s hard to go wrong with a simple pencil, but this has to be in a color that matches your skin tone and existing brows.
  • Opting for something really dark when you have fair skin can instantly draw attention to your brows and makes them the only focus of your face.
  • Choosing something that matches your coloring allows you to enhance the shape of your brows and is a great tool for blondes, who often have such fair eyebrows, they can barely be seen at all.
  • Test out different products and see what works for you.
  • We love brow mascara as the wands are easy to use and allow you to build up the color as you go.
  • This allows you to start gently and build-up to the look you want over the course of several applications.

Eye Shadow

Shadow can be a tricky choice for women, and often depends on your age and the shape of your eyes. Many women are very uncomfortable in applying eye shadow as they don’t want to end up looking like a (badly) painted doll in blue eye shadow that’s best left in the 1980s. If you’re just starting out, opt for something that complements your eye color and go from there.

It’s no coincidence when you see Christina Hendricks with her flame-colored hair and green shadow looking fabulous on the red carpet, or older women, like Dame Helen Mirren, slaying a natural makeup look with eyeliner and bright lips. They know what suits them. Also, they have makeup artists who know what suits their coloring and whatever designer gown they’re wearing that night. 

  • For those of us who don’t have a professional on hand, we need good makeup brushes and, in particular, a quality eye shadow brush.
  • There are so many makeup tutorials on the Internet to help you apply your shadow, so start with something simple in a neutral shade, and build up your confidence before you opt for multiple colors and all the blending that comes with them.

Eye Liner

It’s rare that any of us can reach the liner perfection of an Adele or the late Amy Winehouse, but God, do we spend time trying. So, naturally, our 5 gorgeous eye makeup tips wouldn’t be complete without some discussion of eye liner. Applying eyeliner for the perfect cat eye makeup is one of the most frustrating jobs in the world. And, even if you do manage one eye, there’s little chance you’re getting the other one to match. But we can help!

  • Whether you prefer a pencil or liquid liner is personal preference, but make sure you try them both to see what you find easier to apply.
  • The saving grace for many of us is the ‘stamp’ liner, which allows you to literally stamp the outer corners of your eye before you fill in the rest. It’s the cheat’s way to getting that perfect flick.
  • Let’s face it, the cat-eye is one of the most popular eye make up looks.  When it’s done properly, it looks fabulous and makes your eyes pop.


Women would *kill* for a mascara that didn’t end up giving them panda eyes after a night out on the town. Other than that, we just want someone to make a mascara that makes us look like we’re wearing false lashes without, you know, having to actually go through the trauma of wearing false eyelashes. Luckily, there are some amazing mascaras on the market today, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

  • The trick to applying mascara, for some, is to place a folded in half cotton round under the eye before application.
  • This can catch any flakes and stop smudging under your eyes.
  • Another good trick is to apply your first coat and let it fully dry for a few minutes before applying the second and building up the volume slowly.
  • It’s not uncommon these days for a primer to be applied to the lashes to help your mascara last longer.
  • It’s also popular to apply a coat of clear mascara to your top lash and bottom lash on top of the color to set everything in place.
  • Also, if you’re looking for full lashes that look great, use your lash curler before you start on your mascara.


How do you apply eye makeup?

Carefully! Seriously, though, if you want to know to get it done right, check out a makeup tutorial on YouTube, or look at some of your favorite actresses or pop stars and copy their looks. It can take the right equipment (makeup brushes and quality makeup) and a whole lot of patience but do it step by step, and you’ll soon be killing it.

How can I do my eye makeup naturally?

Simple makeup tends to give emphasis to your eyes without involving any garish colors or styles. A simple golden or natural eye shadow with some clear mascara and a thin liner can enhance your face without making you look overdone. It’s a great day time look that can easily be glammed up for the evening with a touch of black mascara, a deeper color of shadow or smokey eye, and a brighter shade of lipstick.

How can I make my eyes look beautiful?

It’s a good idea to look at the shape of your eyes and take it from there. If you have hooded lids, you want to make sure you’re maybe not accentuating that. If you’re Asian with gorgeous skin tone and dark eyes, then that smoky gray shadow and cat-eye can make your eyes look even more beautiful. For blue eyes, highlight them with brown or neutral shades that draw attention to your color. Redheads always look great when their eyes are accentuated with green shadow, whereas brunettes often get away with any color. It all depends on your skin tone and eye color, but you can play around with any eye makeup looks you like!


Makeup is meant to be fun and a great way to change the way you look. It can accentuate your best features while diminishing the ones you’re not so fond of. There are so many amazing techniques to learn, and so many eye makeup looks to master that it can take some time to get it right. However, simple eye makeup can be perfected really quickly, which can give you confidence to move on and start experimenting with colors and styles. The most important thing is to get yourself some good makeup brushes and products and learn how to to do your eye makeup step by step. We hope our 5 gorgeous eye makeup tips have given you a place to start and explained the main areas to start working on.

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