41 Weight Loss Tips: How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Get 10 Pounds Lighter by Following these Easy 41 Tricks

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It’s summer, sigh…. And we’re all trying to drop some pounds so we look good in shorts, tank tops or, the bane of everyone’s summer existence, swimsuits.  How to lose fat is all about a calorie deficit.  To lose weight, you have to use more calories than you take in.  That sounds simple, but as we all know, whether it’s losing weight after pregnancy, pushing through a weight loss plateau or just trying to lose 10 pounds, it’s easier said than done.

From diet to exercise to simple lifestyle changes, here are 41 weight loss tips for women and men to help you lose 10 pounds fast.

What to Eat to Lose Weight

  1. Make a spritzer. One of the easiest weight loss tips to do is to take your favorite juice and mix equal parts juice with sparkling (or plain) water. For example, there are 100 calories in one 8 oz. glass of orange juice, and this is an easy way to cut 50 calories without losing the taste.
  2. Don’t be tricked by the wrapper. Prepackaged foods will often boast a certain calorie count – say 200 calories – BUT, read the fine print, and you’ll often find that it’s 200 calories per serving, and they consider one package to be TWO servings. You could be accidentally eating 400 calories! So, check your labels – you don’t have to worry about how to lose fat that you don’t put in your body.
  3. Trade butter for olive oil. One of our favorite weight loss tips, this one isn’t just for cooking.  Use olive oil on your bread.  While the calorie count is similar, olive oil is free of trans fats and cholesterol.  Plus, when cooking, you need about half of the amount of olive oil as butter, which further cuts down on calories.  For a quick chart on how much EVOO to use instead of butter, read Livestrong’s article on How to Replace Butter with Olive Oil.
  4. Add some ground flaxseed to your diet. If you’re trying to figure out how to lose weight in a week, try flaxseed. It’s high in fiber and helps you feel fuller so that you are less hungry all day long.  This is particularly great for weight loss after baby when your body is adjusting to your new nutritional needs. You can add it to anything, but it tastes best in oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt.
  5. Drink your water. We know you’ve heard this before, but it’s on every list of weight loss tips because it remains one of the best answers to how to lose weight in a week. Not only does drinking water keep you hydrated, but it also makes you feel fuller, so you eat less. A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight by two, and that is how many ounces you should drink every day.  So, if you weigh 130 lbs., you should drink about 65 oz. each day.
  6. Drink your water (yes, we know we already said that…). Instead of trying to keep track of how much water you’re chugging down every day, one of the easiest weight loss tips is to get one big water bottle, fill it at the beginning of the day, and take it with you to work.  When you’ve finished the bottle, you know you’ve had enough water for the day.  If you don’t have one, try SW Hydrations’s 64 oz. insulated version to keep your water ice cold all day.
  7. Drink your water (…it’s that important). Dehydration slows your metabolism which makes your body try to conserve energy.  Some calculations show that for someone who weighs 150 pounds, poor hydration slows metabolic rates by up to 3%, or 45 calories/day.  Start hydrating properly, and you might just lose 10 pounds fast without even trying.
  8. If you just can’t drink another drop of water, try a fat burning version to lose fat fast. This drink contains ginger, cucumber, lemon, and mint. Each of these plays its part to curb your appetite and cleanse your system, and if you’re trying to figure out how to burn fat, this one is definitely worth a try.
  9. Drink sports drinks low in sugar. This is high on our list of weight loss tips. Sports drinks are high in sugar, which gives you a burst of energy but they are definitely not how to lose fat.  If you’re exercising for less than an hour, you usually don’t need them and can stick with water. If you do need a bit of a boost, try substituting coconut water – it hydrates just as well as sports drinks, it has a low glycemic index, and some think it even promotes heart health.
  10. Turn your sandwich into a salad. Like your sandwiches with bread, mayo, and cheese? Well, that packs on hundreds of calories.  One of the easiest weight loss tips is to order a salad with the same fillings or lay off the mayonnaise and cheese and eat it as an open-faced sandwich.  Plus, one of the best fat burning foods is an egg, so order a Chef or Cobb salad and get an extra boost to your weight loss transformation.
  11. Substitute the good for the bad. Don’t want to change your diet?  Love that burger and fries?  Weight loss transformations are just around the corner if you substitute turkey or salmon burgers instead, paired with whole grain bread and sweet potato fries.  One of the little-known weight loss tips is that most grocery stores make these patties for you, so all you have to do is cook it up. PB2 is a great peanut butter alternative, and kale or zucchini chips make a great replacement for potato chips.
  12. Say no to sodas. Soda is a definite NO on the what to eat to lose weight list. According to a National Institutes of Health study, one 12 oz. soda contains 150 calories and 40-50 grams of sugar in high fructose corn syrup, or a whopping 10 tablespoons of sugar.  In short, one soda a day could lead to an extra 15 lbs. a year, so ditch them and drink water or a spritzer instead.
  13. Keep it simple. The best diet for weight loss is lean protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and the leafy greens your mom always told you to eat.  Sticking to these foods will go a long way to dropping unwanted pounds.  This is a great approach for losing weight after pregnancy: not only do you lose fat fast, you also make sure you get all the nutrients you and your baby need. For a complete list of weight loss tips for eating clean, check out Fitness Magazine’s article here.
  14. Eat fat burning foods. Eating the same amount of calories, whether they come from fat burning foods like fish or fatty foods like candy bars, is not the answer to how to lose fat. However, if you’ve got your calorie deficit plan in place, fat burning foods will definitely speed up your metabolism.  For a great list of fat burning foods, check out Eat This, Not That’s list here.

How to Lose Body Fat

  1. Stay away from crash diets. Losing too much weight too quickly leaves you with excess skin that takes time to regain its elasticity and shrink down to match your new weight. It also saps your weight loss motivation – I mean, who looks forward to starving yourself?
  2. Spice up your cardio. Doing the same cardio exercise, like swimming, at a steady pace for 20 minutes or more can cause your body to adapt to the exertion and need less energy to complete the exercise.  HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is on almost every website offering weight loss tips, and for a good reason. To see continued results from weight loss with swimming – or any cardio exercise – break up steady state cardio with intervals of higher intensity training.  By sprinting a couple of laps, your energy output spikes, and you burn more calories without adding time into your workout. Changing it up a bit also helps if you find yourself struggling with a weight loss plateau.
  3. Exercise early in the day. Want to know an easy answer to how to burn fat? Exercise early. Your metabolic rate can remain elevated for hours after your work out, so one of the best weight loss tips to make the most of your fat burning exercises is to exercise early in the day.  This lets your body continue to burn up to 280 calories, which isn’t possible if you exercise at night and enter a resting state while you sleep shortly after.
  4. Eat protein after you work out. By eating protein after your workout, you help turn that fat into muscle. Too much, though, and you will end up adding too many calories to your diet, so be sure to maintain the golden rule of weight loss tips: maintain a calorie deficit. There are some really tasty chocolate options, so you might even amp up your weight loss motivation factor if you can look forward to this as a treat when you’re done.
  5. Healthify your Happy Hour. Instead of sipping on mojitos and indulging in fried food, do something healthy with your after-work crew. Not only will you be eating less, but you’ll be burning more calories – win-win! Plus, if you find it hard to get moving, exercising as a group will help with your weight loss motivation.
  6. Expect a weight loss plateau and push through. Expect a rapid drop at first; this is mainly water weight along with a few pounds of fat.  Your muscle mass helps keep your metabolism up, but as you lose fat, you might also lose muscle mass, which could cause a weight loss plateau. If this happens, just increase your activity by 10% or decrease calories – either one will help you push past any weight loss plateau you might run up against.
  7. Throw in some strength training. How to burn fat? How to speed up your metabolism? Muscle mass.  Not sure what you should do? Hook up with a personal trainer for a program that will help you reach those goals. They’re also good at weight loss motivation and pushing you through a weight loss plateau, so if you’re getting bored with your routine, check your local gym for some recommendations.
  8. Keep your skin tight. Losing a lot of weight all at once can lead to extra skin until the elasticity returns.  Lifting weights creates a layer of muscle under the skin, which helps tighten it up. This is one of the best weight loss tips after your baby is born, as the loose skin is often a problem.
  9. Bring your lunch. Really one of the best weight loss tips – restaurant food tastes great, but it nearly always has more calories than a home-cooked meal. Pack your lunch the night before to avoid extra stress in the morning.  Repurpose the week’s ingredients into a salad by throwing some spinach into a bowl with some protein and veggies, and you’re golden.  You’ll be surprised by how fast you lose 10 pounds.
  10. Suck on something. One of the lowest maintenance weight loss tips is sucking on low-calorie candy or frozen fruit. Doing this can stop cravings instantly and help you cut back on excess calories.  Try cough drops, peppermints, frozen grapes or even ice cubes. This is great for weight loss after baby, as you can keep a supply in your diaper bag to help you nip those cravings for pre-pregnancy food in the bud.
  11. Trade your measuring cup for a mister. While you’re trading your sandwiches for salads, use a mister to apply oil evenly to the salads you make at home and cut down on calories. Don’t have one? Try the EVO sprayer bottle from Bed Bath and Beyond.
  12. No willpower? Use pre-portioned packages. If you’re lacking in weight loss motivation, try focusing on making it as easy as possible. There are lots of brands that offer 100 calorie snack packs for nuts, dried fruit, and even desserts, making this another of the most effective weight loss tips.
  13. Avoid accidental indulgences by measuring before cooking. If you measure out just enough, there won’t be any leftovers for you to graze on. Not sure what the right portion size is? Have this Women’s Health guide on fat burning foods on hand to refer to, and remember to keep track of your calories so you’re burning more than you eat.
  14. Blot your pizza (and other greasy foods). If you simply must indulge in a bit of pizza pie, one of the simplest weight loss tips is to use a paper napkin to soak up the extra fat that collects on top.  You can get about a teaspoon off of two slices of pizza, that’s 40 calories that you won’t have to ask how to lose 10 pounds in a week. If being able to eat pizza on your diet isn’t weight loss motivation for you, then nothing is!
  15. Become a fish-etarian every now and then. Trade your meat for fish, and you might just lose 10 pounds fast simply by improving your metabolism. There are plenty of studies out there showing that eating lean meats like fish can help you lose up to 20% more than people who stick with red meats. Another good one for weight loss after baby, too – fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for a baby’s developing brain.  Besides, salmon is one of the best fat burning foods, so how can you lose?
  16. Eat more veggies. We all know this, probably the most famous of weight loss tips, but it really does work. Meat is hard to digest and can carry a lot of fat with it, depending on the type and cut. Studies show that vegetarians tend to have lower BMI’s as well as lower fat levels.  You don’t have to give up meat completely, but when in doubt, eat a sprout!
  17. Avoid the vending machines! You don’t have to read an article on weight loss tips to know that almost nothing in those things are good for you. Take snacks with you so you don’t find yourself choosing between Doritos and a Twix bar and then have to worry about how to lose fat grams you just smeared on your hips. Prepacked hummus and crackers, boxes of raisins, protein bars – anything that won’t make a mess in the bottom of your purse and will last the day.
  18. No phones at the table. Eating while distracted leads to eating too much. Concentrating on your meal and not your phone will help you stop eating when you’ve had enough, not when you’re stuffed or everything on your plate is gone, which puts this square on our list of top weight loss tips. Plus, you won’t ever be accused of “phubbing” (phone snubbing) your friends.
  19. Choose an app. No, we don’t mean a program for your iPhone. Instead of having an entrée and struggling with knowing how much to eat, order an appetizer and a salad.  This not only helps with portion size but cuts down on calories at the same time.
  20. Stop putting sugar in your coffee. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to obesity, and sugar is just straight calories.  One pack of sugar adds 15 calories, double that if you have a sweet tooth and are adding two.  If you’re trying to figure out how to lose 10 pounds in a week, try cinnamon, vanilla extract or even cocoa powder for a bit of a mocha twist if you need to cut the bitterness.
  21. Shop the perimeter. Another of the best weight loss tips. All of the processed foods are usually in the center aisles of the grocery store.  Stay on the perimeter, and you’re shopping fresh produce, meats, and dairy.  Not only does this keep the contraband out of your house, if you want it once you get home, you’ve got to walk somewhere to get it, which usually means it’s not gonna happen.
  22. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals leaves you hungry, and the hungrier you feel, the more you’re going to eat, whether you need the calories or not. Plus, skipping meals tells your metabolism to slow down, which only makes it more likely you’ll hit a weight loss plateau.
  23. It’s OK to cheat a little! Didn’t expect this on our list of weight loss tips? Like skipping meals, depriving yourself of that piece of chocolate or plate of nachos is only going to make you want them more, and you might end up binging, which slows down your metabolism and is not how to lose fat at all. Though they’re not fat burning foods, instead of banishing them completely, set aside 100 to 200 calories a day for a treat.  It will keep you from obsessing over it, and it will taste even better since you will be looking forward to it all day.
  24. Don’t eat after dinner. Snacking after your evening meal is usually out of boredom, and it’s rarely good food.  Putting junk in your system just before bedtime when your metabolism is slowest will really throw a wrench into your weight loss plans.  This might not be one of the best weight loss tips if you’re trying to achieve your weight loss after baby – up all night, and you’re bound to get hungry.  If this does happen, stick with the fat burning foods mentioned above.
  25. Keep snackage everywhere. You never know when you’re going to get caught hungry, and having healthy snacks accessible helps you lose 10 pounds by your bikini debut date. Your purse, your desk, the console of your car, and your gym bag are all good places to keep your snackage. This is another good weight loss after baby tip – if you’re stuck in the car because your little one fell asleep and you don’t want to move them, you’ll have something to tide you over.
  26. Use moisturizer. This is one of the most overlooked weight loss tips for women and men. When you’re losing weight, adding a full body moisturizer to your daily routine will help maintain your skin’s elasticity and avoid annoying excess skin that is sometimes leftover while your body adjusts to its new weight. Again, particularly important for weight loss after having a baby.
  27. Stay out of the sun. Another of our weight loss tips that is just good practice in general. Sun dries out the skin, and dry skin is prone to sagging and wrinkles.  Nobody wants that.  This goes for tanning beds as well, and even chlorinated water. At the very least, use a good sunscreen and wear a hat.

If all these tips have you raring to go, you might want to consider getting an iStar wireless scale to help track your weight as well as your body fat and muscle mass percentages.

Also, if you’re really keen to lose 10 pounds quickly, check out Emma Green’s How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week: The Ultimate 7 Day Weight Loss Kick-Start for Optimum Health.

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