20 Health and Fitness Gadgets to Get You Where You Want to GO

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Health and Fitness

Most people these days like to be slim, trim, and attractive: even if that does not necessarily reflect their natural body type.   They will tell you they like to use all the latest health and fitness gadgets to keep fit and control their weight: in order to be able to live a longer and healthier life.   They want to be able to look after their children as they grow up and also to be able to look after their parents, as they get older too.   But that is not the complete story.   In today’s technology-driven information-sharing cultures, internet-driven health and fitness gadgets help to form our social media profile, as well as keeping us in the right physical condition.

The Right Physical Condition

What is the right physical condition? It is that condition where our peers and our bosses say, “Look at him/her.  That person is clearly dedicated and committed, and is destined for higher things.   They look good and their social-media profile is squeaky clean.   Look at how much exercise they do!”

Ever since health and fitness at work became an important aspect of corporate thinking in the 1970’s, the desired physical profile has been “tall, thin and hungry looking.” It may be that actually being ‘hungry for food’ is often mistaken by the boss as being ‘hungry for success’- and there are no health and fitness gadgets that can do anything about your height.   (Actually, there are – they are called ‘Lifts’ and ‘Big Hair’ – though I am not sure that they are, strictly speaking, gadgets.) Which leaves us with health and fitness, and the many technology aids which are out there, ready to help us in our quest for personal fitness and personal reward.

So, this is a guide to the Top 20 Health and Fitness Gadgets, which can help us to feel good, look good and, perhaps, to build our career just that little bit higher.


For ease of use, this guide will be split into five different categories, with the top four gadgets listed in each.   The categories are: Apps, Smart Wear, Electrical Devices, Mechanical Devices, and Other Ideas.

Top 20 Health and Fitness gadgets – Category ONE – Apps

#1 Charity Miles

The first thing about Charity Miles is that it is absolutely free, which puts it right at the top in terms of the cheap fitness gadgets category.   But that of course is not the point.   This is an ingenious exercise tracker which allows you to raise money for a charity of your choosing, simply by using the App to track whatever kind of exercise you want to measure; running, walking, dancing, cycling, etc.   Through the App you get exposed to some advertising from the corporate sponsors of Charity Miles, but in exchange, they donate cash to your charity for every mile or minute of exercise you record.   It is simple and easy to use, and directly transfers your energy output to cash input for the charities you choose to support.   You can even rope your friends in, and get them to sponsor you too, for particular events or time periods.   Provides great motivation, and adds a touch of finesse to your social media profile.

#2 FIT Radio

Most people like to listen to music when they are exercising, but there is a problem – when the music changes, the beat changes and so alters the rhythm of their exercise.   Personally, I quite like that, but I am a tyro as far as exercise goes.   Many people want to complete a set of exercises all at a preset tempo, in order to maximize the benefit of their work out.   FIT Radio is an App which provides music for all sorts of different exercise routines but also, most importantly, provides very high-quality music mixes from multiple different genres, all of which are sequenced to continue exactly the same tempo throughout.   The user simply enters the tempo they want to exercise at and FIT Radio provides them with a stream of music within the preferred genres, where every track provides exactly the tempo required to keep exercising at the optimum rate.   At $100 a year, it’s not cheap, but for the serious enthusiast this is one of those fitness gadgets that actually works.

#3 Headspace

Next thing to think about is stress relief.   Most of us have very busy lives, juggling pressures from friends, family, fitness, finances, fun and freakin’ work! Headspace is an adaptive meditation App which helps you to keep your head clear, improve your mind/body balance, improve your ability to focus, and even helps you to sleep better.   The great thing about Headspace is it comes in easy to use meditation packages between 3 and 30 minutes long, which enable you to fit in even just a little bit of mind clearance in the busiest of schedules.   Stress is one of the biggest blockers to our long term health and well-being, and Headspace is possibly one of the best health gadgets available, because it helps us to de-stress, even in the high-speed, high-pressure, high-profile world we love.   Not cheap at $95 per year.

#4 MyFitnessPal

How much do you eat and how much do you need to eat? Counting calories is a real bore, but we have to balance the energy we use-up in exercise with the amount (and types) of food we stuff in there to keep ourselves going.   MyFitnessPal is blessed with an incredibly unexciting name which disguises a fantastically useful App.   This is a logging and tracking tool which allows you to input what and how much you eat (Including a barcode scanner which allows you to find out the nutritional and health value of a wide range of pre-packaged food products) – all balanced against your daily calorie usage through exercise.   This is definitely one of the best gadgets to help you lose weight, because it helps you work out what you should and should not eat and the balance you need between fat, carbohydrates and protein.   This tool has lots of other bells and whistles, but the basic level is free.

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Top 20 Health and Fitness Gadgets – Category TWO – Smart Wear

#1 Huawei Band 3 Pro

So long as you are not overly concerned about the Chinese Government hacking into your personal fitness data, then the Huawei Band 3 Pro is almost certainly the best value fitness band you can buy.   It is not absolutely the best fitness band perhaps, that honor probably still goes to the Fitbit Charge 3, but that is almost twice the price, with no GPS or color screen.   So, it seems to me that the Huawei is a much better price-point option.   You can take it swimming, running, cycling, or wing-suiting and it will tell you where you are, what speed you are making, and your heart-rate as you fly past that unexpected rocky outcrop.   It is not the most comfortable fitness band but, at the price (Around $70) it offers capabilities nothing else can approach.

#2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active/Apple Watch Series 5

It’s not that this is a dead heat, the functionality and the list of available Apps means that the Apple watch pretty much blows the Samsung equivalent out of the water – though, at around $400, the Apple Watch 4 is also pretty much twice the price of the Galaxy Watch Active.   But even that is not the key factor here; the important point is philosophy.   If you are an Apple-head you will go with the Series 4.   If like me, you have a Samsung A8 S (Or even the new A10 – Show-off!) then logic dictates you will opt for the Galaxy Watch Active.   There are other higher functionality watches available but the best fitness watch is probably the one which best fits your technology preferences – and that of course is what brand value is all about.  And that, of course, is where Apple leads the world.

#3 Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin has long been the world leader in general GPS systems, and this is of course echoed in their extensive (and expensive) range of watches.   As with everything, what you need depends on what you do.   If you spend most of your time in the gym, then knowing exactly where you are and how many paces you have walked from machine to machine is not usually paramount.   But if you do a mix and you like to do a bit of running or hiking, then the one I like is the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.   The 645 Music is called that because it can store up to 500 music tracks to keep you entertained as you jog through the woods or galumph around the track.   It is noticeably smaller and lighter than many of its competitors, which I always feel is important when you’re striding out and swinging your arms to full extension, and it is fully waterproof.    The 645 measures your stride length and can estimate your times over familiar distances such as a 5 or 10K, or even a full or half marathon.   It will also recommend rest stops and even estimate your recovery time.   At around $450 it’s kind of mid-range pricewise, but for me it’s the best overall fitness watch, given its price, functionality and usefulness.

#4 MUSE Brain Sensing Headband

I can’t help but feel there has been a bit of a failure in the marketing message here.   As soon as I saw this product title I imagined a headband which, when you put it on, would immediately sound out a blaring message – “WARNING!  WARNING!  BRAIN DETECTED!” or, perhaps even more ominously, just a chilling silence, indicating that no brain had been detected at all.

Of course, that is not really what it’s all about.   This is a compact EEG System (That’s electroencephalograph – for those who feel the need to understand TLAs*) which monitors the state of your brain when you are resting and meditating, and sends that information via Bluetooth to your selected device.   The system also provides real-time feedback about the status of your brain, calm or active, by altering the music you hear via the MUSE App.   All of this is designed to help you use meditation more and more effectively to achieve mens sana in corpore sano (A healthy mind in a healthy body.) This is one of the top health and fitness gadgets because it helps you to attain internal peace despite the stress and strain of your life, your fitness regime, and your professional ambitions.   The basic starter pack is free.

*(For those who feel the need to understand TLAs – that’s Three Letter Acronyms.)

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Top 20 Health and Fitness Gadgets – Category THREE – Electrical Devices

#1 Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

We now go from the bottom end of the price scale to one of the top health and fitness gadgets overall, both in terms of performance and price.   Coming in at just below $2,000 this is by no means an expensive machine in this category, and in fact the Sole E35 appears on this list because it represents such good value for money.   For the home gym, as well as some of the other non-electrical devices which we will look at in the next section, this elliptical trainer delivers the best overall workout from a single machine.   The fluid motion of an elliptical machine like the E35 provides a very low impact full-body workout.   Indeed, the engineering guys at Sole have developed over-sized foot-pedals with a 2° inward camber to further reduce stress on both knees and ankles.   The E35 of course includes built-in speakers, an LCD display, cooling fans, and a host of different settings to suit your fitness improvement curve.   If you want to work on your fitness at home, then this is one of the best home fitness gadgets your money can buy.

#2 Theragun G2Pro

Anyone who exercises a lot will be very familiar with the problems of muscle pain and muscle burn.   The expression “No pain, no gain.” highlights the fact that if we don’t feel pain from microscopic muscle tears (Which, when they heal, make the muscle stronger and harder. ) and from muscle burn, caused through anaerobic exercise and the build-up of Lactic Acid, then we are not exercising hard enough to really stress our muscles.   Muscle burn should quickly die away after we stop exercising, but muscle pain can be much longer lasting, and can threaten our ability to complete our fitness schedule.   That’s where the TheraGun G2Pro comes in.   It is designed to be a heavy-duty muscle cruncher which provides strong vibration therapy deep within the muscle.   Originally designed for muscle damage therapy, the G2 Pro offers a great tool for pre-exercise muscle toning, keeping things ‘loose’ during a break in heavy exercise and speeds muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.   This is truly one of the latest and greatest health and fitness gadgets for those who are truly dedicated to maximizing their fitness by optimizing their exercise stress recovery time.

#3 YUCEN Abs Stimulator and Muscle Toner

You will undoubtedly have seen adverts for these kinds of no-exercise exercisers, where you carry on with your daily life while your muscles are dancing around under electrical pulses from a complex series of pads which you stick to your body.   The pads apply a controlled and measure electrical impulse to the muscles, which are galvanized into action by the electrical jolt.   ( I use the word galvanized quite literally here, the science behind this was developed by Italian scientist Luigi Galvani, who applied electrical charges to frogs’ legs to make them contract.) Although these systems were widely derided during the sixties and seventies and fell into disfavor, the technology has come a long way since then and now it is possible to wear these very slim pads under normal clothes, and exercise the muscles you want to work on at any time.   The Yucen system is amongst the lightest to wear and easiest to use, and it will tone and harden the target muscles, although, because there is little or no cardiovascular activity, it has little impact on overall fitness.   It can make you look good though, and acts like one of the very best gym gadgets, by saving you from having to do 200 sit-ups every day.

#4 Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist this one.   I just had to put it into the list somewhere.   This is a smart water bottle.  I want one.   I admit that I don’t need one – I just don’t do THAT much exercise – but I really, really want one.   We all know that hydration is ultra-important when doing a lot of exercise, and professional athletes pay a lot of attention to their hydration level, before a match or competition for example.   However, usually we simply take a swig of our isotonic hydrator of choice, whenever we feel thirsty, and just get on with our exercise routine.

That’s just not good enough, claims Ozmo! Their $70 rechargeable, Bluetooth connected bottle keeps track of how much you drink out of it, during a day or a training session, and will vibrate when it thinks you need to drink some more.   It can sync with your smartphone or watch, to track where you go and what you do, so that it can automatically adjust your hydration targets and buzz at you when it feels you need to drink some more.   I just love the idea of a bottle which tells me when and how much I should drink, and I can think of a few applications which my buddies in the hospitality industry might be interested in.   This is truly a fantastic health and fitness gadget – at least at the moment – but look forward to future expansion of the idea!

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Top 20 Health and Fitness Gadgets – Category FOUR – Mechanical Devices

#1 Walnuts

No, I have not gone completely off the track and spliced into a health food review, (“Walnuts are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.   They are also a good source of protein and nutrients, and heart-healthy fats.”) though of course, a healthy diet is a very major contributor to our overall health and fitness.   No, here we are talking about whole walnuts, in their shell.

If you walk through a park in Beijing or sit and watch commuters on the subway in Shanghai, about 25% of the people you see will be rolling a pair of well-worn walnuts in the hand they are not using to clutch their phone.   These walnuts are used in China as Yin/Yang Balls, or Baoding Stress balls as they are also described.   What benefits do these most ancient of health and fitness gadgets have? Medically and scientifically that remains unclear, but proponents claim that they strengthen the muscles in the hand, improve long term flexibility and dexterity and, most importantly, they serve to reduce stress, help concentration, and act as a focus for meditation.   It seems to have been a Chinese custom for at least 800 years, so we must assume that there is some long term benefit to the practice.

#2 Bullworker

Anyone remember the Bullworker? The father of one of my friends had a Bullworker back in the eighties, and even then, it was old.   Neither my friend nor I could work it; the springs were too strong for our childish hands.   But my friend’s father, who was a stevedore and spent his working day shifting heavy loads in the nearby docks, used it assiduously, and he was a wedge-shaped muscle-man.   He claimed the Bullworker made him stronger and relaxed his muscles after a long day of shifting heavy boxes manually.

I was amazed to find that the Bullworker is still in production and going strong, As fitness gadgets go, this must be one of the simplest and most compact.   You can keep it on a shelf, or behind the door or under the bed and yet it serves the same purpose as a full set of weights, but allows more flexibility training as well, through a wide range of isometric holds and moves.   At around $140, this is probably the cheapest way to build a full muscle workout system into your home – and you don’t even need to make space for it, you can keep it anywhere.   It seems to me that this is one of those simple strength and fitness gadgets that actually work, and all it takes is a few months application to really make the difference you are looking for.

#3 SPRI Exercise Dice

Exercise can be boring.   For those of us who go to the same gym every day and do pretty much the same old routine, perhaps pushing that little bit harder when we are feeling good and our muscles aren’t protesting too much, it is in general, a bit of a slog.   We do it because we enjoy the results, but often the exercise itself is a grind – same old, same old.

You can change all that with a set of Exercise Dice.   This is one of the simplest health and fitness gadgets I have come across, but also one of the most entertaining.   There are two dice.   One has six different exercises on it, such as Crunches, Jumping Jacks, Push-ups etc.   The other has a number of reps or a target time span.   You throw them both at once to decide your fate.   Maybe you have to do Jumping Jacks for 90 seconds, or maybe just 10 Push-ups.   Once you’re finished, its straight back to the dice and off we go again.   You can use it on your own or bring in a load of friends to enjoy a truly randomized fitness session.   The SPRI Exercise Dice are a simple way of bringing endless variety to your dull routine and probably one of the most engaging fitness gadget gifts you could ever find.

#4 Stashbandz Unisex Running Belt

I must admit, I never thought I would make a recommendation for any product which boasts that it is made from Spandex – too many lurid memories from the nineties.   However, while looking at the range of armbands and similar that we need to hulk our phones and stuff around when we are out exercising, the Stashbandz Belt caught my eye.   Not strictly Smart Wear, this is however a very smart piece of product design.   It is a comfortable, stretchy wide belt with four secure pockets for carrying – well, just about anything.   When you are out for a long run or walk or cycle, there is a lot of stuff you might want to take with you.   The typical armbands you see only usually have room for your phone and perhaps a key but not much else.   They are also prone to chafing over a long period.   This belt provides a soft, comfortable form-fitting belt for your phone, your keys, some money, medicine, ID, membership cards – anything you might need on a long trek.   At around $23, this might absolutely be the best fitness band, though in a very different sense.

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Top 20 Health and Fitness Gadgets – Category FIVE – Other ideas

#1 Stairs

The City of Edinburgh (in Scotland) is largely built on top of an ancient volcano, which rises steeply up from the sea and the farmland which surrounds this small but ancient city.   Because the houses and offices and inns and churches were built up and down the steep sides of this volcanic remnant, the many narrow streets and alleyways (Or wynds as they are called in Edinburgh.) which connect them all, are very steep and given over to hundreds of long and intersecting staircases.

Of the many beautiful guided walks around Edinburgh, my favorite is the 1000 Step Walk.   This sounds like a very short tour of Edinburgh; a thousand steps is less than a mile and would be finished in fifteen minutes.   But no, this tour takes around two hours and walks you up and down all the hidden staircases of Edinburgh. The organizers make sure you climb up a thousand steps, and climb down a thousand more.   It is not for the faint-hearted or the weak-willed.   (Or weak-legged for that matter – it is exhausting!)

The 1000 Step Walk.

The point of course is simply this.   Many of us have very few stairs in our lives.   We ride up and down on escalators and in elevators, giving never a thought to the access stairs which are in every building.   But it doesn’t have to be that way.   As those who have done a bit of ‘stepping’ as part of their exercise routine will know, stepping up and down is great for your leg muscles, your overall fitness and, of course, your ‘glutes’ – to put it politely.

One of the easiest ways in the world to do more exercise, lose weight, and to get fitter and more shapely, is simply to abandon the elevator or escalator and use the stairs.   I used to live on the 17th floor of an apartment block, and every time I went out I would walk down the stairs.  Every time I came back, especially if I was carrying the groceries, I would walk back up those same stairs.   It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s some of the best exercise money doesn’t have to buy.   Get into the habit of taking the stairs, at home and at work: they are the best ‘gadgets’ for getting fit and losing weight, and they are completely free.

#2 – The 1% rule

This is a life gadget, a trick if you like, that I was taught by a very young and very wise old man.   Do not confuse this with the 1% rule of social interaction – This is a different rule entirely – and here it is.

“After the age of thirty, do 1% more exercise every year and eat 1% less.”

Now measuring exercise to within one percentage point is nigh on impossible, as is accurately measuring your food intake over a year.   But that is not the point – you don’t have to measure, you just have to try, and always keep the rule in mind.

After the age of 30, most human body types tend to start to thicken and slump.   This is for all kinds of social, chemical and genetic reasons: mostly other demands on our time, changes in our social and workplace responsibilities and loads, and the aging process itself.   But it doesn’t have to be like that.   If you can keep the 1% rule in mind and always try to move more and eat less, then you can end up looking as good when you are seventy as you did when you were 20, perhaps with a few more wrinkles and brown spots: but lean, fit and eagle-eyed.   It worked for the young old man who told me about it, I’ll tell you how it works out for me in a much later issue.

#3 Play Five-a-side Chess

I was introduced to this idea when I was in the Army, and it really is great for your fitness, if not for your immediate health – occasional bumps and scrapes accompany almost any game of five-a-side, and five-a-side chess is no different.

All you need is one full sized chess-board, with the obligatory 16 pieces and 16 pawns, and one very large room or open space, scattered with as many obstacles as possible, like furniture or equipment, or even cars.

The Rules of Five-a-side Chess

The rules are very simple.   There are five players on each team, one side playing black and the other playing white.   The white team leader makes the first move on the board and then runs away.   He has to touch all four walls of the very large room and then return to the board.   The black team leader quickly makes his move in reply and he also dashes off to touch the walls.   The rest of the players then do the same, move and dash, move and dash, until only one team member is left at the board.   He must wait until the first player from his team returns from his sprint around the room before he can make his move and then go off on his run-around.   From now on there must always be at least two players from the team at the board before the next player in the rotation can move and dash.   The objective is to win the chess game in the minimum time and the minimum number of moves, or to carry-on until the opposing team falls down exhausted.

The Point of Five-a-side Chess

Is Five-a-side Chess a serious game? Well no, it is usually accompanied with a fair degree of hilarity.   But I have played it many times, and it is taken seriously by those who appreciate the advantages of mixing mayhem and exercise.   But that is the key point of this suggestion.   Exercise can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be.   Mix things up, introduce weird ideas and crazy challenges and, if you keep things reasonably safe, you can enjoy some pretty serious exercise and have a whole lot of fun, and meet some new contacts – or friends as they used to be called.

Your mind is the best fitness gadget there is – use your imagination to create a stimulating fitness environment for you and your friends/contacts.

#4 The ultimate health and fitness gadget

The idea that there could be one, single ULTIMATE fitness gadget; never even occurred to me when I embarked on putting together this list.   (And of course, I must caveat this idea, because everyone can and will have their own favorite toy.) But on my trek thru the outlying and outlandish fringes of health and fitness gadgets, I came across something that I had no idea still existed – something that took me back to my childhood in Melbourne, Australia.

The Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick is the embodiment for me of how life can surprise you.   I always thought the pogo stick I used to bounce around the playground of Brighton Road Primary School was simply a child’s toy, and, as I have not seen one since those days, I thought that the whole idea of the pogo-stick was gone and forgotten.   But now I discover that there is a PRO version, and indeed, that the Pogopalooza World Championships of Pogo will be held at the Xpogo Headquarters in Wilkinsburg, PA – this July 20-21.   (My birthday weekends!)

My clear memory of the pogo-stick I used to own, was that it left me exhausted at the end of every school-day after pogo-ing home, but I also remember always being ready to grab it and set off again the following morning.   Pogo-ing is fantastic exercise for all the major muscle groups, and the harder you push it the higher you fly.

The Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick checks out at a cool $450, but imagine the reaction of your boss and your colleagues when you arrive at work on it.   So long as there’s a shower handy, you’ll be able to brag about being ‘Fit for Work’, and show off your fantastic new health and fitness gadget to a goggle eyed audience.


This has been a fascinating tour around the world of health and fitness, looking at some of the best fitness gadgets and the best health gadgets.   We have looked at some of the best fitness watches or fitness bands and at some of the best gym gadgets, and that’s all well and good.   But I think there are three main things we can take out of this overview.

The first is that we should have a clear view of why we are fascinated by all these health and fitness gadgets.   It’s not just that we want to stay fit and healthy, in reality most of us want to emulate Mr.   Spock – we want to “Live long and prosper.” Looking good and glowing with vim and vigor, is a big part of the corporate image game, and fitting into that mold will surely help us prosper.

Secondly, we notice that most of the fitness gadgets we have talked about are technology enabled, and I must admit I particularly love the Bluetooth connected drinks bottle – that is way cool! But perhaps we should also remember that, while all this is there to look after us and makes thing easier, all we really need is an exercise target and a watch to time ourselves – everything else is just bells and whistles – fun, but not strictly necessary.   Try not to get too hung up on the technology.

Lastly, I want to mention the Filofax.    This was a pre-smart-phone gadget for helping us to manage our time.   Today we have apps and calendars which take care of all this stuff for us.   We have electronic gadgets which remind us to get to the gym at six-thirty, and to eat our low-calorie gruel with a single glass of low-alcohol zinfandel before eight.   Life doesn’t have to be like that.   The Filofax is gone and all but forgotten, but it is all too easy for your motivation to fade away in much the same way.   Don’t let workload and boredom drag you down and away from where and how you want to be.

Simply remember this – “Boredom is the work of the cursing classes.”  – and – “Variety is the spice of life.” Keep life interesting!

Product Links:

Ozmo Bluetooth Smart Cup

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, it’s just not possible without great hydration.   Being consistently hydrated helps to improve your mental alertness, bringing better focus and memory.   Ozmo is a complete system designed to help you achieve greater levels of hydration.   With the ability to measure and record both your water and coffee consumption, the smart bottle and companion app tracks you throughout the day to help you meet your hydration goals.   With Ozmo you’ll know whether that 4pm latte is a good idea, or how much you should drink after that 25-mile bike ride.   The Ozmo Smart Bottle connects with the Ozmo App via Bluetooth and gives you a personalized hydration goal.   This fantastic health and fitness gadget also sync with Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin.

Muse brain sensor

Muse is your personal meditation assistant, providing EEG based real-time neurofeedback, allowing you to take the guesswork out of your meditation practice.  Sometimes your mind is calm and sometimes it’s active – but put on the Muse headband, plug in your earbuds or headphones, start the app, and close your eyes, and you will find yourself immersed in the sounds of a beach or rainforest via the Muse App on iOS or Android

Muse is a health and well-being gadget which teaches you to recognize a calm mind and helps you get there by measuring whether your mind is calm or active, and translating that information into different weather sounds for you.  After each session, you can review your data, set new goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time


The Stashbandz unisex running belt provides four secure wide pockets with a pickpocket-proof fold over locking flap to secure items.  The running belt will hold any size of cell phone – vertical or horizontal, along with ID, money, keys, medication, and anything else you might want to take with you on a long run or hike.  This top-quality all-in-one sporting, and travel accessory is Made in America, and is double the width of other running waist packs or belts, offering a vertical stretch of up to 7 inches to accommodate all large format cell phones.  The high-quality soft fabric is durable, soaks up sweat to keep the body cool, and stays put for long-distance runners, with no chafing or bouncing.   A high quality, comfort oriented health and fitness gadget designed to help, runners, walkers and joggers alike.

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Vurtego took the traditional spring and threw it in the garbage years ago.   Springs may be cool, but they can’t be adjusted on the fly, and they’re too heavy to propel someone really high.   So Vurtego replaced the spring with air.   With the V4 you can choose how you want to use it.   Pump it up to a low pressure, and it will have a soft spring that rides easy but limits your jump.   Pump it up a lot, and the spring will stiffen so you can go higher.   Try different air pressures to find your preferred setting!

The V4 comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.   The most important thing when ordering a new V4 is making sure it is not too big.   If it is, the athlete won’t be able to get his or her upper body over the top of the pogo stick, and instead of bouncing on top of it will be bouncing beside it! This is bad, but nevertheless, the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick is surely the ultimate fitness gadget.


What are fitness gadgets?

A fitness gadget is a small mechanical or electronic device, especially an ingenious or novel one, which is used by the owner to help in recording, coordinating or performing all or part of their fitness regime.

How are technology gadgets used for fitness?

Today, most people don’t feel comfortable when they are too far from their Smart Phone.  So, instead of packing it securely away at home or in their locker, they prefer to take it with them to the gym or out on a run, so that they can keep in touch on social media.  Taking advantage of this level of dedication, many companies have now built and are still building all kinds of ingenious ways in which your phone can be used to help you stay fit and healthy.  The Smartphone itself is, for many people, their ultimate health and fitness gadget.

How to monitor fitness without gadgets

The smartphone is of course just over ten years old and, amazingly, people managed to stay fit and healthy before Apple changed the world forever.  But how did they do it? It’s actually very simple – targets and time.  Let me give you a simple example.  You have decided to take my advice and start using Fitness Gadget 5.1 above (Stairs!) First time you do it, check your watch, and then time how long it takes to get to your front door.  Next day, do the same thing- and the next, and the next.  Then you can work out the average time it takes you to climb the stairs.  From then on you can decide what to do with that information.  You can say – “OK, I will never take longer than my established average time.” – pushing yourself just a little bit.  Or you might say, “I will do this every day, and each time I will do it faster than the day before.” – Now that will push you to get much fitter much faster.

All our modern health and fitness gadgets are designed to help you get fitter and healthier more easily, but all you really need is a target and a timer, which you can also use to check your pulse rate when you have been really pushing it.

What fitness gadgets are myzone compatible with?

MYZONE wants to help you meet your fitness goals and so gives you the option of using other tools, in addition to MYZONE, to help you progress in your fitness journey.  The MYZONE approach is all about versatility, which is why we provide interoperability with electronic fitness gadgets  such as Apple and Garmin Watches, and 3rd party wearable apps like MapMyRun, Strava, Run Keeper, MyFitnessPal, and others.

Who are the main suppliers of health and fitness gadgets?

There are literally thousands of different suppliers of health and fitness gadgets, but some of the main names to look out for are: MYZONE, FitBit, Samsung, Athos, iFit, PowerDot, Theragun, HyperIce, Ozmo, Garmin, Jakcom, Lostar, Jstyle, Cameltech, Pulsera, Skulpt, Nexus, Aaptive, Fitbod, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Nike, Nokia, and of course, the ubiquitous Apple.

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