15 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Your Next Trip

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Traveling safely has long been a worry for people moving from place to place. Just how do you keep all your valuables from being stolen when you can’t possibly keep your eyes on them, all in the middle of a crowded metro or city square? In a word: you can’t. This is why you need an anti-theft backpack. These packs are made specifically with you in mind, and can take away the stress and worry about having your passport scanned or having your bag slashed. This way, you can relax and fully enjoy your trip. So, let’s get right to the best anti-theft backpacks available today.

The Original Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

The original anti-theft backpack is crammed full of amazing features to keep you safe, regardless of how far you’re going. With cut-proof materials ensuring no slash and grab of your possessions, and USB charging ports to keep you in touch with friends a family back home, it’s a digital nomad’s best friend. The bag also comes with hidden zippers to make it all but impossible for someone to access the contents of your pack. You can even take it out in all weather without worry due to the water-resistant materials. Go hiking, go camping, go on the train, go anywhere. And feel safe while doing it. One of the best anti-theft backpacks around!

Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

This little gem of a pack is also a popular choice for aspiring digital nomads with its USB charging ports and smartphone pocket. It’s constructed with cut-proof materials and RFID blocking technology to stop any potential card-scanners from targeting you while you mind your own business on a crowded train. This little beauty even comes with a mesh water bottle holder, so you can keep hydrated, even if you’re in the middle of the desert on your adventures (water not included).

Baggallini Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack

Baggallini packs are a popular choice for travelers, and this one is no exception. It has a stylish design, incorporating all the major facets of an anti-theft pack. The zippers pull up the pack and lock into a loop at the top for added security. The pack has cut-proof straps, allowing you the safety of knowing it can’t be slashed and easily stolen. The cut-proof straps can also be detached, so you can wrap them securely around a bench if you’re relaxing in the park, or a chair when you’re out eating at a busy night market. The pack also has an anti-RFID attachment to keep your cards in so there’s no chance they can be scanned and cloned while you’re out and about. It’s another great choice among the best anti-theft backpacks.

Korin Design Clickpack Pro

This multi-functional design travel pack has a ton of anti-theft features to keep even the most suspicious traveler feeling safe and secure. Its water-repellent technology means it’s a great choice as a hiking pack. It has a specially engineered weight distribution system, so you can guarantee your belongings aren’t going to pile up on one side and give you a backache. You can also charge your devices on the go (a common feature these days). Perhaps overkill, but nice to know, the backpack features explosion-proof zippers, so not even a pound of Semtex can open it. You can, though, because you have the know-how that potential thieves don’t. If that doesn’t make you feel secure, nothing will.

This is a really practical and easy access pack with so many security features. It’s a great choice for those heading out on extended travels, or just for those on a daily commute who want some added safety and security. A highly versatile entry in our list of the best anti-theft backpacks available on the market today!

Inateck 30L Anti-Theft Backpack

This pack is a good option for anyone who has a tight budget they need to stick to, but still want protection. It certainly offers great value for money and is a bit less expensive than some of the others featured on our list. As the name implies, it has a 30 liter capacity, which means it carries a LOT of stuff without looking too bulky. It’s a pretty good choice for going away for a weekend, as you can pack clothes, your laptop, and all your gadgets without being short on space.

This stylish day pack can fit a 17” laptop, and has numerous internal and hidden pockets for anything you need to access quickly – like your passport or phone. It also has an adjustable chest strap as an added layer of protection for your shoulder straps. In addition to all that, it’s regulation size, so most airlines will accept it as carry-on baggage, which is always a plus.

Kopack Anti-Theft Waterproof Travel Day Pack

This is an incredibly stylish day pack, which looks small and compact but in reality holds a bucket load of stuff. It provides multi-panel ventilation while still managing to be light-weight and not appear bulky. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can find the perfect position for it on your body. It also makes it easy to change it up, depending on what you’re carrying on any specific day. After all, you’re not likely to be always carrying your entire world on your shoulders. Sometimes, you’ll just need a few essentials.

This day pack doubles as a smarter-than-average briefcase and can absolutely be used for work or school, too. The laptop compartment is hidden, and the secure zippers ensure it stays that way. Overall, the pack is anti-wrinkle and employs water-repellent technology to keep everything dry in even the heaviest of rainstorms. Or, if you live in Seattle.

Pacsafe Vibe 40 Anti-Theft 40L Weekender

Another top choice for best anti-theft backpack, this day pack fits most standard airline regulations, so you can easily take it on board as your carry-on luggage, while ensuring you have everything in it you need. It’s a pretty stylish way to travel. It comes with cut-proof straps and meshes to save from any potential ‘cut and run’ situations. It also has puncture-resistant ToughZip technology and secure tabs to make it difficult for zips to be unzipped by anyone except you. You can carry your ID and important documents in perfect security, with the RFID technology to stop anyone scanning your cards. It’s the perfect travel pack for digital nomads on the go.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti-Theft 15L Backpack

Our second entry from Pacsafe, manufacturer of a wide range of packs and bags, is the Metrosafe LS350. It’s one of the best anti-theft backpacks to use as a day pack for everyday use while traveling. The LS350 looks like a normal backpack, so there’s nothing to really suggest it has anti-theft features. In reality, however, it’s full of them.  There are plenty of internal pockets to keep your ID and important documents safe. The day pack has space for a laptop, lockable security for your external zippers, and slash-proof mesh at the most vulnerable points, which includes the straps. This is a great choice for frequent commuters to keep their gear safe during busy periods on the bus or metro, too.

Ambor Laptop Backpack

This pack is designed with digital nomads in mind as its main function is to keep your expensive laptop safe while you’re out and about. It also comes with a headphone interface, so you don’t have to muck around, getting yourself tangled up in the usual way. There’s also very handy USB charging ports, so you needn’t go without your Netflix or Apple Music fix while you’re on the road. There’s even a password lock, padded shoulder straps, and the whole thing is made with eco-friendly materials. On top of all of that, it’s extremely stylish. What more could you hope for, we ask? It’s clear why this bag is one of the best anti-theft backpack choices you can make.

Kensington SecureTrek Lockable

This backpack is perfect for today’s tech-focused traveler. It has tons of space to keep your laptop or tablet secured and hidden during your travels. It’s even approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, making it easy and reliable to take through security. This anti-theft pack comes in a 15” and 17” variety, and is regulation size to use as carry-on baggage on your flight. The zippers are locked straight into the body of the bag, and the padded back ensures comfort from having your laptop banging against your spine for hours on end. That’s a definite plus among the best anti-theft backpacks, to avoid pain and discomfort while standing in that crowded train car or exploring a new city.

DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack (Currently Unavailable on Amazon)

Among the numerous pockets in this sleek pack are ones specifically designed for tablets and laptops. This is a great feature, as it allows you to keep these completely separate, and lets you slide them out without also pulling out yesterday’s dirty socks. The hidden zippers on the pack are positioned close to your back, so you’re likely to feel even the most stealthy attempt to unzip them while it’s attached to you. The USB charging port comes with a built-in cable for easy access – no need to rake through a mountain of cables trying to locate the right one.

The pack is really well-padded, so even dropping it on the concrete floor of the train station shouldn’t crack your phone screen or damage your tablet. We wouldn’t recommend trying that experiment, however. Of course, the more padding, the more comfortable it is against your back. That makes this a great choice for comfort from our list of the best anti-theft backpacks you can choose.

ONSON Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

As with many of today’s best anti-theft backpacks, this one is designed with techies and working people in mind. This day pack is all about keeping your expensive laptop safe from potential thieves, and it does it in style. The bag is made from water-repellent polymer, so it can easily survive a monsoon-style soaking while you’re walking to the office or darting between attractions on a trip. The fabric is really easy to wipe down, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty on the subway floor and looking worn out quickly.

The main zipper has a combination lock, so it’s pretty much as secure as you can get. There’s also a few external pockets for storing anything you need to access really quickly. It has a USB charging port and a headphone jack, so you can listen to all the Taylor Swift tunes you want, without someone trying to grab your phone and throw it from the window of a moving train.  Hey, it happens!

Loaged Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

This pack comes in gray or black, and has a plethora of inner pockets so you can secrete away “all of the things”. The external USB charging cable means you can easily charge your phone without even having to take it out of the pack. In addition, the breathable but tough fabric means you can carry around a few pounds without worrying whether the bag’s going to fall apart. There’s a dedicated laptop compartment, along with similar for phone and tablet, so everything can be easily separated and slid in and out when needed.

If you’re off on an adventure, the pack is designed to attach to a suitcase.  This ensures you’re not having to worry about several pieces of luggage at the same time, while trying to work out where your gate is and which pocket you zipped your boarding pass in.  It’s almost like the designers asked your parents what you were like on your travels and they came up with all the solutions, so they didn’t have to worry. This pack is the savior of mothers and fathers across the world. It’s also a great choice from our list of the best anti-theft backpacks – you can’t go wrong with this one!

Lewis N Clark Locking Daypack

It’s interesting to see a roll-top bag making the list of the best anti-theft bags, as traditionally, these aren’t the most secure. However, thanks to a nifty combination lock, this now ranks up there with the best travel packs on the market. This particular model has a 3-digit combination lock that protects your laptop or any other digital devices you’re traveling with. And, let’s face it, we all travel with at least a smart phone, if not a whole host of other gadgets. It’s made of rip-stop nylon, so it’s cut-proof, and it comes with internal pockets and zippers to squirrel away your valuables inside.

MarsBro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

This pack is highly recommended as a day pack for constant commuters who want to keep their gear safe on the subway. However, it works just as well for travelers on the go. It comes in a range of colors from black and gray to a rather funky purple. Its weight-balancing design keeps you from the horror of backache, and the back webbing allows it to be easily attached to your suitcase on those longer journeys. The bag has three main compartments, with 12 multi-function pockets for ID, passports, and all the important documents you may need. These are also useful for smaller gadgets and personal belongings that you want to keep well out of reach. The anti-theft hidden zippers allow you easy access while making it hard for anyone to find an opening.

This day pack also has USB charging ports and an in-built cable, so you can stop running around the house in the morning desperately trying to find one, without almost missing your train. Because no one wants to be in that position and, let’s face it, we’ve all done it at some point. Now you, too, can feel smug on your commute or in your travels, safe in the knowledge that your phone is fully charged.


What makes a backpack anti-theft?

There are many features that make a backpack anti-theft. Many packs are designed with water-resistant and anti-cut material to ensure your bag can’t be involved in a ‘cut and run’ incident. That’s where someone slashes your bag at the top or straps and bolts off with the contents of your entire pack, while you’re still trying to work out what just happened. The best anti-theft backpacks also have many hidden zippers or combination locks that stop unwanted access to all your goodies. Many have cross-body design, so you can, quite literally, keep your possessions close to your chest if desired.  

How do anti-theft bags work?

Anti-theft bags make it way harder for you to be robbed while you’re traveling or on your daily commute. They do this in a number of ways, from the materials they’re made of to the way they are designed. Anti-theft packs are like Rubix cubes. They need a great deal of investigation and trial and error before you can work out just how to get what you want from them. Not a problem for the bag’s owner, but a major deterrent for would-be thieves. They certainly don’t have the time to work it out without you catching on real fast, anyway. Anti-theft bags work by annoying the life out of people who want to pinch your important stuff. And who doesn’t want something that annoys dodgy people on the train? Stay safe in your commute and your travels, with the best anti-theft backpacks and bags. It’s a smart investment.

What is a slash-proof bag?

Cut-proof or slash-proof bags usually have tough fabric or metal mesh pockets which stop them from being slashed with knives and having their contents easily available for thieves. Many of the bags on the market are anti-cut, which means they have a special fabric all over the bag, or specifically on bottoms and straps. These are, of course, the most targeted areas that allow thieves to run off with an entire pack, while you’re engrossed in watching the latest cute dog videos on the internet on your iPad. That’s no longer a problem when you choose from the best anti-theft backpacks.

How do you beat pickpocketing?

Using an anti-theft backpack will safeguard your possessions far better than simply keeping your wallet in your back pocket. When traveling, keeping your wallet in your back pocket is a sure-fire way to lose it. Simply switching it to a front pocket can keep it much safer as it’s far more difficult to get at. However, having an anti-theft backpack is even better than that, greatly improving the chances your wallet and other belongings remain safe and secure.


The best anti-theft backpacks are continually improving, and the market sees more and more developments aimed at keeping you safe on your travels. Depending on your intended use, many of the features come down to personal preference. While the digital nomads among you will require secure laptop compartments and USB charging ports, those out to undertake some serious hiking will have completely different needs. If spending prolonged periods outdoors is your plan, then heavy-duty weatherproofing might well be top of your list. A rain cover will also stand you in good stead to keep your possessions dry during inclement weather.

There are so many excellent anti-theft backpacks on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We hope we’ve helped narrow down your search, offering you options for the best anti-theft backpacks that money can buy!

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